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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

One of the most asked questions from our clients and prospects is. How can I have my site optimised for keywords or phrases? When really, they should be asking, How can I keep my visitors engaged in my website?

Visitors engagement is one of the most important keys to successful SEO and is one that is completely forgotten when it comes to website design.



The Importance of Website Design

Like a brick and mortar business, the layout, signage and staff all play a crucial role in how the customers react once they enter the environment.

A reception desk with a large sign above it saying "reception" or a staff member approaches a customer as soon as they walk through the door to point them in the right direction.

The two examples both help the customer stay in your place of business, and this fundamental principle should also remain throughout a website design process.

Websites Design SEO

Placing a search box in a prominent location on your site is a great way to help visitors navigate through the website. It is essential to point the visitor in the right direction as soon as possible if you want to keep them interested; if visitors find it difficult to see what they wish to, they just will not stay.


Informative Content

Once a visitor has found what they have been looking for the page needs to be enlightening. Reading about your product or services is most of the time not enough to keep a visitor engaged because they have more than likely read it somewhere else. Talk about the industry or sector your product or services are in and what they may or may not already know about the industry. Remember it's about keeping the visitor engaged and the best way to do this is by supplying information that is informative..



How does Website Design & Content Help SEO

We all know Google likes to observe our behaviour and the website is no exception. The analytics code we all install on our sites does just that, lets Google see the visitors behaviour.

Let's go back to the beginning of this article where we talk about a brick and motor business. If we were to stand in the corner of a place of business and all we could see occurring is customers walking out as quick as they walked in we would be pretty right to assume everything this company has to offer is of no real interest. We don't know why and don't care all we see is the customers are not impressed, and it would not be a place we would recommend. On the other hand, if the customers ended up at the cashiers and left with purchased goods or services our assumption of the company would be different.

Google is in the corner watching your visitors behaviour, and they do this through the analytics code. Google know our visitors enter the site, how long they spend on the site and where they exit your site. It doesn't matter how many visitors you have to the website it's how they react when they get there that is so important. Helping visitors navigate through the site to a page that keeps them engaged which in turn leads them to some form of the contact page this is where website design and content play a big part in SEO. Google will see the navigation, engagement and the contact which will give you a big plus in climbing the Google ranking ladder.

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