How to set up email on Android with ActiveSync

This general guide will help you configure your Exchange account on an Android device using ActiveSync.


  • a Websites Victoria Exchange account with ActiveSync enabled
  • an Android device
  • an internet connection (mobile data or wi-fi)

How to

Android is an open source operating system. Combine that with the ever-growing list of available mail apps, and it becomes clear that there is no one definitive ActiveSync setting that will work for all devices. For example, with some devices, your username is simply your email address; for others, it is your Sam Account Name.

Android ActiveSync settings usually require some combination of the following:

  • Username (email address or Sam_Account_Name)
  • Domain
  • Password
  • Server

Note: There are 2 possible sets of settings to use. If method A does not work, try method B.

Method A

Username: or your SamAccountName
Domain: S19
Password: your_password

Method B

Domain\Username: S19\ or S19\SamAccountName
Password: your_password

General guidelines

There are several possible ways to set up your account. However, the steps are usually similar:

  • Open your mail app
  • Select Add account
  • Select Microsoft Exchange or Corporate Account
  • Check Use SSL certificate
  • Do not check Accept all SSL certificates
  • If a port is required, enter: 443
  • Save
  • Accept the security policy
  • You may have the option to choose which mailbox features you want to sync (calendar, contacts, tasks, reminders)
  • You may have the option to choose how much mail to sync (3 days, 1 week, 1 month, etc.)


Your username can be either your email address, or your Sam Account Name. Start by trying your email address; if that fails, try using your Sam Account Name.

To find your Sam Account Name, type your email address into the text field below and click convert.

Domain & Server

Use the chart below to find your DOMAIN and SERVER. Find the version of Exchange you use (ex: Exchange 2013), and then user the corresponding DOMAIN (ex: S05) and SERVER (ex: Your server name is always the address that you use to access your Webmail (OWA). If you are unsure, please ask your I.T administrator or contact us.

Exchange Version Domain Username Server
2013 S05 Sam_account_name or
email address
2016 S14
2019 S19

Once you have found the necessary settings, you can setup your mailbox on your Android device.

If you’ve tried with your email address and it does not work, try again with your Sam Account Name. If it fails after trying both your email address and your Sam Account Name, contact your I.T administrator or contact us directly: it is possible that ActiveSync is not enabled for your mailbox, or that you have
reached the limit of devices that can be associated with it.