Secure Your Domains With Inbound Email Filtering

Enterprise grade protection against inbound spam, viruses, phishing,
malware, ransomware and other email-based threats. Clean and safe
inboxes with additional email continuity.

Help protect your inbox from spam, viruses, phishing, and malware attacks

Eliminate spam email before it reaches your network with a proprietary, predictive, self-learning technology. Learning from millions of emails processed daily, the proprietary incoming email filtering system has a nearly 100% filtering accuracy rate.

Increased email continuity

When your email server is unreachable, our system allows you full access (read, compose, answer) to the emails stored in our queue until your email server is back online. This provides an uninterrupted email flow and increased email continuity, helping prevent email from being lost or bounced back to the sender. 

Detect new spam and malware outbreaks immediately

Our filter continuously collects and analyses data to predict and instantly identify new spam outbreaks. This accumulated intelligence is shared real-time with all clients worldwide, ensuring timely protection against
new threats.

14 Day Full Access Trial 

Existing customers have 14 days access to the filter. See the real power of our spam filter before making any purchase.